What We Do

Cultural Sharing and Education

*Use Native and Indigenous guides and mentors to foster and maintain tribal connections for Native youth and adults

*Encourage cultural knowledge and teachings through cultural and outdoor activities developed by trained and qualified Native guides and mentors including tribal elders

Native Youth Outreach 

*Native mentors offer guidance to Native youth to foster cultural understanding, stewardship and respect

*Utilize traditional cultural activities to promote cultural heritage

*Encourage leadership and teamwork skills to promote respect

*Utilize art as a creative outlet to combine and express traditional cultural knowledge and contemporary themes

Environmental Education

*Offer group expertise about the local and historic cultures, flora and fauna and natural environment of the Southwestern region

*Promote traditional ecological knowledge through the teachings of Native medicinal and food uses of plants

*Establish the importance of environmental stewardship through outdoor activities

Promotion of Potential Employment Opportunities

*Establish and promote culturally appropriate economic development opportunities for Native Peoples on tribal lands

*Promote the benefits of commercial river trips as an option for a summer experience and/or employment

*Teach necessary skills that can be used towards employment in the outdoor recreation and environmental fields

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