How We Do It

Our trips and events will be led by a majority of Native and Indigenous guides, mentors, leaders and elders. Why?

As Native people, who were and still are taught by our elders and youth, we inherently believe that Native people especially youth will benefit greatly and more positively from being taught, mentored and accompanied by Native people. For many youth and adults, being from rural communities on Native lands and growing up and being around primarily Native people, we have seen and felt the short and long term benefits of Native people teaching Native people. Therefore, our website’s tagline, “for Native people by Native people,” exemplifies our organization’s objectives.

During our past trips and events, we, as Native people, feel a binding and innate connection to our environment, Mother Earth. Our songs, prayers, histories and daily lives encompass the four main elements and the names of our Holy People, sacred places and objects, and so on, which gives us a daily and constant connection to the environment. Thus, we believe that the environment can be used as an educational platform to teach and learn about living and surviving in mainstream society, and creating and maintaining traditional and contemporary tribal intellectual knowledge.

The opportunities stated below are examples of what we provide to Native youth, adults and elders, and will encompass cultural activities that encourage traditional knowledge and preservation of culture, while promoting leadership and teamwork skills.

  • Experiential Outdoor and Recreational Trips: River and Hiking Trips
  • Teachings and History Sharing with Native Elders and Youth
  • Inter-Tribal Cultural Exchanges

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